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Executive Leadership Team Biographies

  • Gail K. Boudreaux
      President and Chief Executive Officer
       Biography HTML version - Joseph R. Swedish  Biography HTML version - Joseph R. Swedish (27 KB)
  • John E. Gallina
     Executive Vice President and
    Chief Finanancial Officer
     Biography HTML version - John E. Gallina  Biography PDF version - John E. Gallina (27 KB)
  • Craig Samitt, M.D.
     Executive Vice President and President, Diversified Business Group
     Biography HTML version - Craig Samitt, M.D.  Biography PDF version - Craig Samitt, M.D. (19 KB)
  • Peter Haytaian
     Executive Vice President,
    Commercial and Specialty Business Division 
     Biography HTML version - Peter Haytaian  Biography HTML version - Peter Haytaian (32 KB)
  • Jacquelyn H. Wolf
      Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
      Biography HTML version - Jacquelyn H. Wolf  Biography PDF version - Jacquelyn H. Wolf (19 KB)
  • Gloria McCarthy
     Executive Vice President
    Chief Administration Officer
     Biography HTML version - Gloria McCarthy  Biography PDF version - Gloria McCarthy (19 KB)
  • Thomas Zielinski
     Executive Vice President and
    General Counsel
     Biography HTML version - Thomas Zielinski  Biography PDF version - Thomas Zielinski (31 KB)
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