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Research and Policy Papers

Anthem experts are actively engaged in researching and analyzing critical data and information to better understand the impact of policies and programs for health care consumers and providers. Our experts have developed research and policy papers that help share our findings and insights.

Enhanced Consumer Engagement and Decision-Making Are Driving Better Health
July - 2016

Following the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), states have taken different approaches to Medicaid reform and expansion. One state pursued Medicaid reform under its state-specific model by incorporating unique aspects such as personal responsibility and building on the success of its pre-ACA model. The Medicaid model uses program and benefit design, along with both financial and non-financial incentives, to drive consumer engagement and decision-making. A new white paper from Anthem's Public Policy Institute details promising initial results from this new model in Medicaid.  

Early Results from the Enhanced Personal Health Care Program: Learning for the Movement to Value-Based Payment
Mar - 2016

The Enhanced Personal Health Care program was created to build upon the success of patient-centered and value-based care, which research has shown is capable of delivering higher quality and more affordable care for patients. A new report from the Anthem Public Policy Institute shares the company’s learnings from the early stages of this effort which includes partnerships with 54,000 providers serving more than 4.6 million patients as of the end of 2015.

Hidden Benefits: The Value of Medicaid Managed Care
Sept -  2015

As states increasingly look to risk-based managed care to serve the majority of Medicaid beneficiaries, they are also looking for new and innovative ways to ensure that beneficiaries have access to the full array of services needed to keep them healthy. Traditional measures of “network adequacy” – including physician-to-enrollee ratios and time/distance requirements – are important, but they paint an incomplete picture of how Medicaid managed care plans, working with their provider and state partners, enhance network access and delivery of high quality care for their members through innovative network-enhancing strategies.


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